Grosvenor & Christian was established in 2002 by brothers Jason Grosvenor Roper and Nicholas Christian Roper.

Jason and Nicholas bring a wealth of talent to G&C. Jason studied fine craftsmanship and design for four years at Rycotewood, Oxford and Parnham House before taking up a post making David Linley furniture at a workshop in Gloucestershire. Three years later Jason was appointed as principal maker at one of England's finest workshops in South Wiltshire, a role which he held for six years before starting G&C.

Nicholas on the other hand, took a slightly different route into cabinet making. He began with an apprenticeship as a metalsmith, spending seven years at a forge, designing and creating bespoke pieces of fine metal work.

This was followed by two years in engineering, before entering the cabinet making world with his brother Jason. The combination of their different skills and experience brings together the finest English craftsmanship, with a modern design approach.

They are passionate about using the highest quality materials and applying traditional and contemporary methods to create distinctive luxury pieces for discerning clients around the world.

With a core range of cigar humidors, jewellery boxes, watch boxes, wine and whiskey boxes they are also regularly asked to create commissions, from architectural pieces and bespoke furniture to tailored variations of the core range, for corporate gifts, individuals and organisations.